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Fistorical Perspective: 10 Fighters Greater than Floyd Mayweather

Bloody Elbow’s Connor Ruebusch and boxing historian Kyle McLachlan talk about the 10 greatest boxers of all time, and place Floyd Mayweather in fistorical context.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. put the cap on his so-called perfect record with a 50th win. An impressive feat, no doubt. But, as with so many of Mayweather’s accomplishments, there are asterisks to consider. It would take a fool to say that Mayweather is not great. Only someone blinded by their own nostalgia or deluded by distaste would claim that Floyd Jr. does not deserve to be mentioned alongside the finest boxers of all time.

To call him the best ever, however, is an insult to the centuries of prizefighting that preceded him.

That is where fight analyst Connor Ruebusch and boxing historian Kyle McLachlan come in. We aim to place Mayweather where he belongs in the punchers’ pantheon, on this, the triumphant return of our precious podcast, The Fistorical Perspective!

Okay, so it’s possible that only a few dozen people on earth know what that is. And maybe one dozen of them are reading this, if we’re lucky. For the unfamiliar, then: this is a show about boxing history. We talk about legendary fighters, classic fights, forgotten styles, and the enduring legacies still visible today.

The show’s been gone for just about two years, but with the end of Mayweather-McGregor and the long-awaited Death of Boxing™, the time seems right for a comeback. And on this brand new episode, Mr. McLachlan gives you his extremely authoritative list of the top ten boxers of all time, with numbers, analysis, and stories to back up each choice. Really, we don’t want to bash Floyd Mayweather. It’s just... you can’t call him TBE. Listen in to understand why.

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