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Reebok introduces new line of UFC ‘Legacy Series’ fight kits

The UFC’s Reebok uniforms are getting their biggest overhaul since they went color.

Francis Ngannou

When the UFC first rolled out their new UFC fight kits reactions were... not great. Many athletes said the clothes were very comfortable – although there have been some wardrobe malfunctions in the years since inception date – very few spoke of how attractive the clothes were. Along the way, fans and fighters were asked to be patient; the deal would evolve, designs would improve.

And, at least on the design front, those changes have slowly rolled out. Back in 2016, the uniforms got color. No longer just white-on-black or black-on-white, fighters could now choose between black, white, blue, yellow, red, and green.

The basic colors don’t appear to be changing, but in a new press release, the promotion has announced their latest “Legacy Series” of fight kits. The kits will be available to PPV headliners and those fighters “competing in a championship bout.” And will apparently allow the athletes involved to “co-design and wear a UFC Walkout Jersey that is customized to their specifications.”

The new shorts and tops have sort of a faded/stone-washed look, and appear to be in more muted color tones than the kits the rank and file athletes will still be using. Check out some pictures of the new line below:

And a few of the custom walkout shirts:

MMA Fighting also has a full gallery of UFC athletes in the new walkout apparel.

Michelle Waterson

All told, it’s a step in the right direction; away from the extremely bland, monotone kits of the past couple years. Hopefully this level of interaction between Reebok and the UFC’s roster of talent can expand to cover more fighters across the promotion down the road.

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