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MacDonald doubles down on Lawler PED comments: ‘I absolutely think he was on something’

Rory MacDonald clarified and expanded on some recent accusations towards former UFC champion Robbie Lawler.

UFC 189 World Championship Press Tour - Calgary Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Rory MacDonald isn’t shying away from some recent comments he made about prior opponent Robbie Lawler possibly being on performance enhancing drugs when they fought for the UFC welterweight title in 2015. MacDonald, who has moved on to Bellator in the meantime, made headlines early in the month when the normally soft-spoken fighter called Lawler out. Given a chance to clarify his comments, he’s not backing off of them at all.

Instead, he expanded on where his belief comes from, and again attempted to source some drug tests he felt were indications of PED use (via MMA Fighting):

“He never slowed down,” MacDonald said. “I would hurt him and his output was high, high, high and he never really lost power and endurance. He just kept the pace and kept the power no matter how hurt or tired he was. He always was recovered very fast. It made me very suspicious.

“Obviously, I think Robbie is a tank of a person. He’s got that fire and that will and the rage and that anger in him that burns and pushes him through those hard moments. He’s an absolute warrior. I’m not disagreeing with that. But I do believe he was taking some sh-t.”

Lawler has never failed a drug test for any bout prior to USADA taking over testing in 2015, and has passed 21 USADA tests since.

MacDonald also said this isn’t about being a sore loser - he was just asked a question and he answered it truthfully:

“I’m totally not crying about it,” MacDonald said. “If you’re gonna ask me, do I think Robbie Lawler takes performance-enhancing drugs? Absolutely, I do. And I absolutely think he was on something when we fought.”

MacDonald (19-4) will fight Douglas Lima for the Bellator welterweight title on January 20th. Lawler (28-11, 1 NC) hasn’t competed since a decision win over Donald Cerrone in July.

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