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Tweet of the Day: Daniel Cormier promises to beat up Frank Mir again

Daniel Cormier issued a threat to his former UFC opponent in Frank Mir.

Mir and Cormier faceoff Esther Lin

Daniel Cormier dominated Frank Mir when they fought at heavyweight back in 2013. Now a champion at light heavyweight, DC took to social media to threaten his former rival if they ever cross paths again.

No context was given to have triggered the tweet from Cormier, but people have a speculated that it could be something that Mir said in his podcasts.

Mir recently stated on his show that Jones didn’t need steroids to beat Cormier. He also criticized Cormier for crying after losing in that bout.

“Here’s the time that it is unacceptable to cry, and that is when someone kicks your ass,” Mir said (transcribed by I’m sorry, we still live in a very masculine — well, we should — thought of how a man should operate. After one man kicks your ass on the school yard and you start bawling in front of everybody, it looks bad.

“I got punched by Dos Santos several times in the head and I still managed to keep that thought, ‘Don’t bawl in front of everybody!’” he said. “I think the parameters of when it’s okay for a man to show emotion, and when it’s inappropriate for him to show emotion. When another man kicks your ass, I feel that we can all probably come to the conclusion that that is not the time to show emotion.”

For what it’s worth, Mir, who used to train a lot in the same gym, also popped for the same anabolic steroid as Jones. Mir was suspended for two years, and has since been granted a release by the UFC.