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Al Iaquinta: ‘I can still kick the s—t out of Kajan Johnson on one knee’

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Despite the injuries he is currently dealing with, Al Iaquinta is confident about his chances in a possible fight against Kajan Johnson

UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta just put on what could be the best performance of his career last April, when he knocked out veteran Diego Sanchez in the first round. But as of right now, his immediate fighting future remains uncertain.

On his recent appearance on The MMA Hour, “Ragin’ Al” revealed that he is once again facing a knee injury. This time, he suffered both a PCL tear and an MCL sprain on his left knee, but is unwilling to go under the knife, and instead heal up through physical therapy.

As he aims to return to action in a matter of months, he already has his sights set on the possible opponent.

“I think I can still kick the shit out of Kajan Johnson on one knee,” Iaquinta said (via MMA Fighting). “I think I could really do it.”

Johnson has been slowly moving up the 155-pound ladder since his UFC debut in 2014. He is coming off a third round knockout win against Adriano Martins at UFC 215 early this month.

As for Iaquinta, fighting has once again become one of his priorities, after less than a year since he announced his retirement from MMA competition.

“My life is like the most structured and organized. I made more money selling real estate when I had a fight coming up,” the 30-year-old Iaquinta said. “My diet, everything is good. When I have a fight coming up, I’m like on point. So I get a good schedule, regimen and like nothing matters except for that day when I’m about to fight. Everything works out.

“I did picture myself as being the champion now. I never really cared about anything in life. It was like once I get the champion thing, everything is gonna work out. Now I gotta kind of be like, I gotta work on some things and if it comes, it comes.”