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UFC Japan video highlights: Andrade badly batters Gadelha to earn decision

Check out the full fight video highlights from the UFC Japan co-main event, as Jessica Andrade dominated Claudia Gadelha to earn the decision win.

Top-5 strawweights were on display in the UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Okami co-main event, as Jessica Andrade picked up a unanimous decision over Claudia Gadelha in a dominant performance. Gadelha came out rather physical, landing heavy shots in both open space and in the clinch, splitting open the forehead of Andrade. Andrade would go on to find top position, and was unable to land some ground strikes before the round ends. The second stanza was all Andrade as she threw punches in bunches, beating her opponent to a bloody pulp from bell to bell. Gadelha locked up a Guillotine at the end of the second round, but time expired before a finish was realized. The final round saw more big punches landing often on the bloodied Gadelha, but this time the bulk of them were endured on the ground. Andrade had multiple body slams, and followed them up with a ton of ground and pound. Gadelha did a sound job at surviving to the final bell, but Andrade ran away with that one.

Check out the play-by-play of Andrade’s second round beasting:

Rd.2- Gadelha presses forward and they exchange hooks. Gadelha blasts a double leg takedown, but Andrade is back up. Gadelha again with a takedown, but again, Andrade is back up. A leaky cut has opened up around the left eye of Gadelha. Andrade sprawls on her opponent and takes the top position, complete with ground and pound. Andrade lands a brutal knee to the body followed by a right cross. A leaping left hook lands for Andrade, and Gadelha cracks back with a right hand. Andrade is pressuring forward behind huge bombs, landing often. Gadelha appears to be fading as Andrade pours it on. Gadelha lands a stinging right hand, bit Andrade continues to march forward behind her flurries. Andrade goes for a takedown but ends up in a tight Guillotine as time expires. 10-8 Andrade

Andrade straight up put hands on Gadelha:

Check out Andrade do work with her ground strikes:

Gadelha was a bloody mess: