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UFC’s Nick Roehrick suspended by USADA after testing positive for clomiphene

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The UFC light heavyweight will be suspended for a year for failing a drug test.

MMA: The Ultimate Fighter-Cannonier vs Roehrick Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Late last month, Nick Roehrick was flagged by USADA stemming from an out of competition drug test on August 8th. Thursday night, it was announced that the UFC light heavyweight has tested positive for “clomiphene and its metabolite, 4-hydroxyclomiphene” and has been suspended by USADA.

The suspension will be a year, starting from August 17, 2017 when he was first flagged and provisionally suspended by the anti-doping agency.

Clomiphene is the same fertility drug that UFC fighters such as Jon Jones and George Sullivan have been suspended for in the past. For what it does, here’s a brief explainer from BE’s Iain Kidd:

Studies have shown this can double natural testosterone production in men, and clomiphene is occasionally prescribed off-label for men with low testosterone.

It is also popular as a “post-cycle therapy” drug for users of anabolic steroids. Use of anabolic steroids can cause the body to drastically reduce natural testosterone production. As a result, users of anabolic steroids have been known to use clomiphene after a cycle of steroids to encourage the body to produce testosterone again.

Roehrick is 0-1 in the UFC, losing his lone bout in the promotion to Jared Cannonier last July. Prior to that, he was 7-0 in the regional circuit.