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Tweet of the Day: Jeremy Stephens finally answers Conor McGregor’s question of ‘who the f—k he is’

‘Who the f—k is that guy?’ Jeremy Stephens now has an answer for Conor McGregor.

UFC 205: Edgar v Stephens Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

When someone in the fight game mentions the name of Jeremy Stephens, many would probably think “who the f—k is that guy?” All of this thanks to the ever colorful Conor McGregor, who made this phrase famous.

McGregor uttered these words during the UFC 205 pre-fight press conference in New York City last November. A reporter asked him who among those onstage would give him the most trouble inside the cage, and when Stephens volunteered himself as the “real hardest-hitting 145-pounder that TKOs people”, it was when the brash Irishman answered him with this effortless one-liner.

This line has been so well-known, that it was also used by the Korean Zombie when he was recently called out by Stephens for a fight via Twitter.

“Li’l Heathen” never really issued a concise response to McGregor, until recently, once again via Twitter. It was a reply using one photo that never really needed that much explanation.

The chances of Stephens and McGregor crossing paths inside the octagon are highly unlikely, but it can be said that the war of words have been evened up, for now.

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