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Daniel Cormier: It will take time for people to respect my accomplishments

For Daniel Cormier, earning the respect of fans will not be easy, even if he has been reinstated as the UFC light heavyweight champion.

MMA: UFC 200-Cormier vs Silva Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Cormier has so far been unable to get himself back into the idea that he is once again the UFC light heavyweight champion. In fact, he refuses to put his UFC title belts on display, alongside his other championship mementos.

Cormier is conceding to the idea that fans may not respect his reinstatement as champion right away, mainly because of how his last fight at UFC 214 had ended.

"If people aren't interested (in my next fight), they have every right," Cormier told "But I think a lot of questions about the belt will be answered once I defend the title again. Right now, it's hard because the last time I fought, I lost.”

"I think in time, people will remember me for the things I've accomplished. I'll definitely be tied to Jones, but people will more respect what I did and this other stuff will fade. But it will take time."

Jon Jones had been under fire from fans because of this second PED-related controversy in the UFC, but Cormier came to his defense via a social media post, last week. “DC” believes in the possibility that losing was such a big deal for Jones, that he went to great lengths to win at all costs.

"I think he has the right to defend himself and we have to be careful about piling on this guy right now. But three times we've been scheduled to fight, and in every one of those situations, he's failed for something. How can you not expect me to think something is going on?” Cormier said.

"I believe it points to the fact that losing to me was not really an option for Jon, and whatever had to be done was going to be done in order to ensure that didn't happen."

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