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Bobby Lashley: ‘Tainted supplements are the real deal,’ it happens a lot

Former WWE star and Bellator fighter Bobby Lashley speaks about tainted substances in connection to Jon Jones’ recent drug test controversy.

The main defense of Jon Jones’ camp in relation to his second PED-related drug test failure for UFC 214 is tainted supplements. It was the same reason they gave for Jones’ first controversy of the same nature, which caused his removal from UFC 200 in July 2016, along with a yearlong suspension.

And while that may be the UFC star’s claim, most sentiments about the case are that of condemnation, branding Jones as a cheater. But, according to former WWE star and Bellator heavyweight Bobby Lashley, supplements being tainted by illegal substances is something that ‘can happen a lot.’

“Tainted supplements are the real deal,” Lashley told Helen Yee at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas over the weekend. “When I was at the Olympic Training Center, we had USADA. And USADA delves a lot deeper than any other company into what’s going on with what you have.”

“When I was at the Olympic Training Center, we had like one product line that they allowed us to take, because everyone else is trying to get the edge. Look at this place, we’re at the Mr. Olympia, there’s like hundreds of companies out there with ‘the new product.’”

“How many ways can you spin protein?” he continued. “How many ways can you spin a pre-workout drink? For us, it’s the caliber of our people, and it’s the fact that we have exactly what we say in the product. Everyone else is kind of like ‘what can we sprinkle in it to make us a little better?’ So with that being said, it can happen a lot.”

In relation to his statements, Lashley believes Jones did not cheat, especially since he has the physical gifts to easily become the best fighter in the world.

“Jon Jones, do I think he’s a cheater? Absolutely not,” Lashley said. “I think he’s an amazing fighter, and he knows that. And he knows with all of his natural ability – look at his family, look at his brothers. His brothers are freaks of nature also.”

“So it’s not like he needs an absolute advantage to start beating these guys. He can wake up out of bed with no training and beat a lot of guys. I’m not saying he’s better than Daniel Cormier, I’m not saying he’s better than anyone else. But I don’t think he needs anything to be better than anyone else.”

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