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Brian Stann foresees political career: ‘There’s an itch that I have not scratched’

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Former UFC fighter and analyst Brian Stann is looking at the possibility of entering politics.

Last month, former UFC fighter Brian Stann decided to resign from his color commentary role. After four years in the broadcast booth, the former WEC light heavyweight champion made the move, mainly because he wanted to do something a little more than just calling fights.

Even with an MBA degree and a job as a COO of real estate firm, Stann has bigger aspirations for himself. One of those plans is the possibility of entering the political realm sometime in the near future.

But according to Stann, such plans need to be thoroughly carried out at the perfect time.

“Here’s the thing. I am 36, soon to be 37, and I think that to run for public office, you need to have something to offer these people,” Stann said on a recent MMA Hour epside (via MMA Fighting). “It is about servant leadership, which certainly is not the mindset in Washington now. But I think this phase of my life needs to be complete, my kids need to be older, and when I have three teenage daughters, they’re going to want me around a little less, so that might be better timing.”

The idea of Stann entering politics is actually welcomed by many. Some even want him to run for the highest seat in the United States. But for Stann himself, there is still a void to fill before he can see himself running for political office.

“But I need to understand — I’ve got some good, varied experience in my life, and I need to add to that before I really have something to offer the American people and have a well-rounded perspective to lead again,” said Stann, who is also a former US Marine captain. “And that time may come. There’s an itch there that I have not scratched, but the timing’s got to be right, and I think I need to be older, I need to be wiser, I need to have more to offer.”