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Canelo vs GGG: NAC Director has ‘full confidence’ in judge Byrd after 118-110 score

Did you expect the Nevada Athletic Commission to investigate that horrendous Canelo vs GGG scorecard?

Boxing: Canelo vs Golovkin Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Canelo Alvarez vs ‘GGG’ Gennady Golovkin was an excellent fight marred by bad judging — specifically that 118-110 card turned in by Adalaide Byrd that caused the bout to end in a draw. There was immediate uproar about that score that seemed indefensible and incompetent at best, with analyst Teddy Atlas even calling it “corruption” because the sport just “honors money”.

With the controversy, did you expect the Nevada Athletic Commission to investigate? Well, it seems like they’re unsurprisingly staying on course and backing their own despite this not being the first uproar against Byrd.

Bob Bennett spoke to Yahoo Sports about it:

While most had Golovkin winning at least 6 clear rounds, Byrd somehow got to the 118-110 total by giving GGG rounds 4 and 7, and nothing else.

Byrd has been in the middle of many controversial scorecards in both boxing and MMA. One of the pound-for-pound boxers in Vasyl Lomachenko also recently requested that Byrd not be allowed to judge one of his bouts.