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Winkeljohn: Jon Jones might not return if slapped with four-year ban

If Jon Jones ends up with a four-year suspension from USADA, his striking coach Mike Winkeljohn is not expecting him to continue fighting.

The biggest news in MMA today is Jon Jones’ rendering a positive result in his B sample drug test for UFC 214. These developments have led to his win over Daniel Cormier being overturned to a no contest, and DC regaining the light heavyweight.

Now that Jones’ drug test failure has been solidified, he has yet to be slapped with the appropriate sanctions, one of them being a possible four-year ban from USADA. If that ban were to be imposed with finality, his coach Mike Winkeljohn feels it might be the end of the road for the UFC’s youngest champion.

“If it’s a four-year thing, I think it could be just that kind of devastation (that stops Jon from coming back), and which like I said, it’s not fair, you know?” Winkeljohn told Submission Radio. “He messed up in that maybe he took something that someone said was fine, but he’s not doing it thinking, “I’m taking steroids or something,” you know, and that’s the part that’s terrible, he’d be devastated at four years.”

“Who knows, you know? Just, that’s just a long time to just spiral downhill, where bad things can happen. So that one scares me. If it’s a year (suspension) Jon Jones will come back and dominate the world again, I do believe.”

Winkeljohn attests that the blame should be pinned more on the supplement companies that were likely supplying them with tainted ones. And if it turns out to be the case, Jones’ team is not hesitating on taking legal action.

“Oh, I would. I mean, we’re talking about changing a man’s life,” Winkeljohn said. “I mean, how much money can he make? How much is his career worth? Is it worth 100 million dollars? I mean, that’s gonna bankrupt a company.”

“I would be the first one to say, hey look, here’s the deal, if you guys are in the supplement industry and you have a tendency to put anabolics and these different substances into products just so that the kids go, ‘yeah, this stuff works,’ and then the FDA coming along and says, ‘hey, you put that in that in there,’ you either have a tendency to pull it out real fast and so people won’t do it anymore, but you’ve already sold the product and they keep selling it and they open up another product or they file bankruptcy and do it again.”

“Supplement companies are notorious for it if you go back and start reading some papers on them, and it’s not right. This is not right when they do those type of things just to sell products.”

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