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Valentina Shevchenko: My next fight will likely be at 125 pounds

After an unsuccessful title fight against Amanda Nunes on Saturday, Valentina Shevchenko is now planning to drop down to flyweight.

Valentina Shevchenko’s unsuccessful title aspirations after Saturday night at UFC 215 has not been sitting well with her. She still believes she won three rounds out of five against Amanda Nunes, but now that all is said and done, she is now looking at the next chapter in her career, which involves dropping down a weight class.

“You know, now I’m thinking to move to 125, and I think more probably my next fight it will be in this division 125,” Shevchenko told Submission Radio. “Because 125 is like much closer weight for me, it’s my real weight category, and even at like 135 I feel comfortable and I feel like 125 I will be able to use all my techniques and all my skills because I will fight with the same-sized opponents as me.”

Shevchenko revealed that her walk-around weight is at 138 pounds, and is barely cutting weight to make the 135-pound limit. But now that fighting at 125-pounds is an option, it is something that she is now heavily considering.

“When this weight class was created, flyweight, 125, it was like, okay, it’s now weight class like my real weight division, but I never thought like an option for 125 because it wasn’t this female weight division in the UFC, and I knew that 115 I won’t be there and 135 I feel comfortable and I can fight there.”

“That’s why I was not thinking about flyweight division because it was not (existing),” she continued. “But when it was created, then I received a lot of questions, ‘are you considering to moving down to the weight class,’ but in that moment I was thinking more about my title fight that was already scheduled. But now I have time to think for 125.”

The UFC will crown its inaugural women’s flyweight champion on December 1st at The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale in Las Vegas.