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Former boxing champ Adrien Broner caught on video in Vegas assault

The troubled boxer may find himself in hot water yet again

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Multiple-time former boxing champion Adrien Broner is no stranger to controversy or trouble, and he’s once again at the center of an ugly situation.

TMZ Sports obtained video of Broner and an as-of-yet unidentified female companion walking around Las Vegas. At first, he’s observed taking photographs with fans, and is then seen being visibly upset with his companion. This leads to a minor altercation in which he turns to shove her back a few feet.

The video jumps ahead to show Broner pass two men standing off to the side and strikes one of them, knocking him out. It isn’t clear if Broner knew this person, nor does there appear to have been any interaction between them prior to the hit. The person (or persons) recording the video show the individual out cold on his back.

Shortly thereafter we see Broner talking to security guards, with no police in sight. According to TMZ, there’s a series of unanswered questions here:

It's unclear if Broner knew the guy, or if he just got in his line of fire.

We're told security talked to Broner, but let him go.

We've reached out to Adrien's camp ... no word back so far.

There’s no word on whether or not local authorities are aware of these incidents at the moment, nor has there been any activity on his social media accounts as of the time of this writing. Broner has had legal troubles in the past, such as an incident last October that saw him charged with misdemeanor battery for choking a waitress. Broner was also arrested earlier this year due to a warrant for his arrest in a bizarre incident in which his vehicle was shot at, and has faced previous robbery charges.

The 28-year-old Broner last fought this past July at the Barclays Center against Mikey Garcia for the WBC Diamond light welterweight title. Broner lost via unanimous decision.

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