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Donald Cerrone: Teammate Ray Borg ‘should have fought’ at UFC 215

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Donald Cerrone explains what he would say to teammate Ray Borg when he sees him, and it might not be something he wants to hear.

UFC veteran Donald Cerrone is a pretty straightforward guy. The longtime contender at 155 and 170 was in Edmonton for this weekend’s UFC 215 event, fresh off getting booked for a headlining fight with prospect Darren Till in Europe next month.

In a media scrum, he was asked about what he would say to his teammate Ray Borg, who pulled out of a UFC 215 flyweight title fight with Demetrious Johnson due to an illness. And Cowboy being Cowboy, he gave an honest answer (via MMA Fighting):

“Should have fought. That’s what I would have said. But that’s just me. Yeah of course. No matter what. I’d have to be on my deathbed not to.”

In the scrum, Cerrone also discusses his Cowboy outfit that he worse especially for Edmonton since it’s “Cowboy country”, a movie he filmed in Edmonton that will be out next year that he got a unique invitation to participate it, his thoughts on Till, and a few other things. Check out the video above for all that good stuff.