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Fight To Win Pro 43 Full Results: Assis defends title, beats DeBlass

Joao Assis defeats Tom DeBlass via split decision in their grappling match.

Joao Assis fights off Tom DeBlass at F2W Pro 43
Mike Calimbas

Fight to Win Pro 43 featured a big main event with two of the best competitors in heavyweight grappling. Joao Assis defended his title against Tom DeBlass in a very competitive bout. In a fight where both men exchanged attacks, it would be Assis who found a way to come out victorious via a split decision victory.

DeBlass would employ his patented half guard to keep Assis at bay, who relented to attacking with tight heel hooks right from the start of the action. DeBlass was also active from this position as he attempted multiple kimura attacks, but was unable to finish the hold. The fight featured very few slow points as both men held their own in every phase of the battle.

In the end, it would Assis getting his hand raised as the rule set for Fight To Win Pro favors the more aggressive of the two competitors. This was Assis’s second title defense and his fourth win as a part of the Fight To Win Pro promotion.

The rest of the card featured exciting bouts in every group. Kristian Woodmansee earned Submission of the Night for the black belt group with his toe hold victory over Chris Noonan. Steven Barnett defeated Frankie Roberts via decision to earn the Fight of the Night honors for the evening.

Fight to Win Pro 43 featured come of the best competitors in the North East. The event is available for replay viewing on FloGrappling. Fight To Win Pro 44 is up next and comes to grappling fans from Boston, Massachusetts on August 12. This event pits an ADCC champion in Yuri Simoes against an Olympic Silver Medalist Judoka, Travis Stevens.

Full Fight To Win Pro 43 Results

Black Belt Results

Joao Assis defeats Tom Deblass via Split Decision

Tex Johnson defeats Kory Acchione via Split Decision

Steven Barnett defeats Frankie Roberts via Decision

Kristian Woodmansee defeats Chris Noonan via Toe Hold

Mark Fitzpatrick defeats Eric Johnson via Decision

William Wolk defeats Jeff Lentz via Split Decision

Radji Bryson-Barrett defeats Steve Mathis via Clock Choke

Joseph Kutcha defeats Joseph Marino via Wrist Lock

Brown Belt Results

Ed Mccay defeats Billy Johnson via Heel Hook

Garret Lavaggi defeats Viktoras Soutas via Guilotine

George Sullivan defeats Michael Oettinger via Decision

Matt Holthaus defeats Urijah Suarez via Traingle

Andrew Branch defeats Nick Manela via Split decision

Jay Isip defeats Howard Niego via Neck Crank

Kyle Huang defeats Tinh Tupy via Decision

Marcus Rudy defeats Anton Gotsmanov via Knee Bar

Purple Belt Results

Natálie Bryjová defeats Caitlin McManus via Knee Bar

David Matiaz Gonzalez defeats Guy Mione via Decision

Justin Giove defeats Joe Mozdzen via Decision

Ryan McCarthy defeats Brian Demuro via Decision

Andrea Jordan defeats Melissa Feinberg via Armbar

Chris Sodbinow defeats Nathan Ray via Triangle

Alex Killinski Nemeth defeats Sean Yadimarco via Decision

Jesus Malaga defeats Erik Quezada via Decision

Immanuel Chang defeats Valor Boyer via Heel Hook

Amanda Leve defeats Brittney Elkin via Decision