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UFC Fight Night: Pettis vs. Moreno results and post-fight analysis

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Tim B. takes a look at a wild and exciting Fight Night event in Mexico City.

MMA: UFC 192-Cariaso vs Pettis Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

How about tonight’s event? Nobody really cared about UFC Mexico City because it was low on premier talent and featured a flyweight fight on top. But holy cow did it deliver. Yes, four of the six main card fights went to decision, but only one of them wasn’t entertaining (shout out Rashad and Alvey). The top two fights in particular were very exciting.

In the headliner, Sergio Pettis overcame a very rough first round to take control of the fight against Brandon Moreno in the middle stanzas. The fifth round came down to Moreno’s ground work vs. Pettis’ work on the feet, and it seems that all three judges leaned towards Pettis there. I gave Moreno the first with a 10-8, Pettis two through four with 10-9 scores, and I leaned Moreno in the fifth 10-9. On my card, it was a draw. The judges didn’t see it that way though.

It really came down to Pettis staying on his feet and doing what he can do - win fights with his technical advantages. His snapping left head kick is a work of art, and the only times after that where he was in danger were because of either trying to be flashy or making small mistakes. His game isn’t perfect yet, but it’s coming along extremely well and I look forward to seeing his future progression. As for Moreno, he did everything he could. He’s extremely fun to watch and he’ll be a major threat if he can hang on the feet a little better with other top guys.

  • Alexa Grasso and Randa Markos put on a very fun back-and-forth scrap that was at times very technical and at times kind of sloppy. The dreaded head-and-arm throw that is a staple of women's MMA came out, which is just inviting your opponent to take your back. And Markos got pretty wild with her strikes in the last two rounds. But she did score some very nice trips off of caught kicks, and Grasso looked excellent with her technical striking and work from the bottom to get up. Ultimately it was a close, exciting fight that could have gone either way. I leaned Grasso, and that's the way it went. But that definitely didn't hurt Markos' stock.
  • Can we please get Alexa Grasso vs. Angela Hill next? That would be awesome.
  • Niko Price used good pressure to throw off Alan Jouban, then dusted him with a straight right and a head kick. That was very impressive, and he didn't even get hit much in the process.
  • Humberto Bandenay just smoked Martin Bravo. He landed a knee to the head off a kick that was so sick, Bravo was frozen KO'd with his hands still up. It was nasty and beautiful at the same time.
  • Sam Alvey vs. Rashad Evans was every bit as bad as I thought it was going to be. Rashad has always been low output, but this was on another level. Alvey is a classic counterfighter. I'll just be honest - it sucked. Alvey won a split decision in a "fight" where there was very little to choose from.
  • Alejandro Perez may have won the fight in the eyes of the judges, but the thing most will remember is him getting dropped three times by jabs. Andre Soukhamthath got a little cocky, and may have slowed down at the end and that may have cost him a win in what was a very good fight. But Perez really needs to work on that.
  • Jack Hermansson says he has the best ground-and-pound in the middleweight division, and boy did he show it. After getting Brad Scott to the ground, he systematically beat him down, passed to mount, and brutalized him until the ref mercifully stopped it. Crazy good performance.
  • I also liked his post-fight interview where he admitted to being "the most scared man in the world" before his fights. That was honest and funny.
  • Holy Dustin Ortiz. The fight had barely started with he stunned Hector Sandoval, then KO'd him with the next shot. The three hammerfists afterward were pretty unnecessary, but the ref was Jerin that should be expected.
  • Henry Briones was never in his fight with Rani Yahya. He didn't land a single strike before getting taken down and submitted with a gnarly kimura.
  • Diego Rivas has a great story, but it didn't translate into a win in the cage tonight. Jose Quinonez easily handled the Chilean fighter, taking each of the three rounds in a unanimous decision victory.
  • The Fight Pass bouts didn't take too long. Jordan Rinaldi led it off with a Von Flue choke win over Alvaro Herrera - something that should never happen in high-level MMA. Then Joseph Morales badly hurt Roberto Sanchez before finishing him with a choke. Basically, the Fight Pass show was 5 minutes of fighting and 55 minutes of promos.