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UFC Mexico City highlight videos: Pettis takes decision over Moreno in main event

Check out the full fight video highlights of Sergio Pettis picking up the decision win over Brandon Moreno in the UFC Mexico City main event.

The UFC Mexico City marquee matchup witnessed Top-10 flyweights wage war, as Sergio Pettis and Brandon Moreno waged war for 25 minutes at altitude. When it was all said and done, Pettis earned the unanimous decision, and will move on up the 125 division.

Moreno picked up an early takedown from catching a kick of Sergio Pettis, and held the back position for the bulk of the opening round. The second stanza saw Pettis land a few head kicks, as Moreno tried to play an outside game on the feet. Moreno was able to find top position momentarily, but Pettis used a Triangle attempt to return to his feet. Pettis found his groove in the 3rd, as he was able to find his punching range, which allowed him to really open up, leaving Moreno defensive for most of the round. The 4th frame saw Pettis continuing with his pressure, before accidentally poking Moreno in the eye. Once the action resumed, Pettis continued to outclass Moreno on the feet. Moreno achieved an early takedown to start the final round, but struggled to mount much of any offense on the educated grappler in Pettis. Pettis returned to his feet and landed a few more strikes as the round expired.

Check out Tim Burke's play-by-play of round 3 of Sergio Pettis vs. Brandon Moreno:

Round 3 - Pettis with that snapping head kick again. Low kick. Pettis misses with a superman punch. Pettis caught a kick and landed a kick that may have been illegal as Moreno was already on the ground. John McCarthy restarts them on the feet. Moreno charges in but just gets matadored. Head kick from Pettis and two more big shots. Beautiful jab. Moreno can’t get a takedown. Moreno with a leg kick. Pettis with another right. Low leg kick from Pettis wobbles Moreno. Pettis with two jabs and a right. His striking looks excellent here, and Moreno doesn’t have much in return. Moreno has a head kick blocked, then eats one to the face. Moreno is cut over the eye from another hard right. 10-9 Pettis.