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Demian Maia jokingly invites Conor McGregor to a jiu-jitsu match

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Demian Maia talks about the promotion and all the money behind Conor McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather.

MMA: UFC 211-Maia vs Masvidal
Demian Maia
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After watching Conor McGregor go at it with Floyd Mayweather, Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt, Demian Maia would also like to offer an opportunity for The Notorious to venture himself yet into another different sport.

As Maia jokingly told Combate, he believes a grappling match against Conor could be very interesting, considering all the money generate from the boxing fight.

“If Conor wanted to have a jiu-jitsu fight against me, that would be interesting,” he said. “Obviously, for people in the fight business, this was nothing but a big marketing campaing to generate money. We had a fighter who’s not a boxer, trying his best against an expert.

“After the third round, Mayweather controled the fight as he pleased. Even people who don’t follow the fight world wanted to watch it, because of all the buzz that was created. I saw a lot of people who don’t follow it, talking about it. It’s more about entertainment, really. I don’t think it’s a more interesting fight than Lyoto Machida against Derek Brunson, for example. What’s interesting is watching the show after this big circus they put up.”

After losing to Tyron Woodley in a fight for the welterweight championship, Maia will now meet Colby Covingto at UFC Fight Night 119, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 28. The card will be headlined by a middleweight fight between Machida and Brunson.