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Floyd Mayweather Sr. not impressed with Conor McGregor’s ‘pathetic’ performance

Floyd Mayweather’s father advised Conor McGregor to stay away from the boxing ring in the future.

The general consensus among combat sports fans seems to be that Conor McGregor put up a great fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., despite being finished in the 10th round.

McGregor, who fought Mayweather in his pro boxing debut, landed some clean punches in the early rounds but faded as the fight went on. ‘Money’ eventually found his rhythm and overwhelmed the Irishman with a late barrage of punches.

Floyd Mayweather Sr., who was in his son’s corner for the bout, got into it with McGregor during last month’s May-Mac media world tour and slammed the UFC lightweight champion for his ‘pathetic’ performance on Aug. 26.

“No I wasn’t,” Mayweather said when asked if he was impressed with how McGregor fought (h/t Cillian Cunningham of Pundit Arena). I ain’t ever seen anyone talk like the way he talked and then go out there and fight like that. I mean that was pathetic, the way he fought. All the illegal punches and stuff he did, hitting someone on the back of the head. Doing everything, I mean come on man. All that kind of stuff is crazy.”

“I’ll be honest with you. I ain’t saying nothing about him, he showed me no boxing, I ain’t seen nothing. Rabbit punches yes. I told my son in the corner that when he gets tired, he’s going to get real tired.”

Mayweather Sr. thinks that McGregor will get ‘killed’ if he decides to pursue a carer in boxing, and told the Dubliner to stay in his lane.

“Let me tell you something. If he keeps fighting and doing that in boxing, somebody’s gonna kill him.”

‘The Best Ever’ announced his retirement after the bout and McGregor is expected to return to MMA in the fall. Undefeated lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov called out McGregor for a title fight at UFC 219 in December.