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Judo black belt executes brutal armbar at Titan FC 45

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The Turnquest vs. Krahl rematch ends with a grotesque submission at Titan 45.

25-year-old American Top Team (WolfPack) fighter Taylor Krahl jumped at the opportunity to avenge his Titan FC 41 loss to judoka Robert Turnquest.

Krahl was the favorite, but ended up losing via rear naked choke in the third round of their first fight.

Unfortunatly for Krahl , "TQ" had a few tricks up his sleeve in their Titan FC 45 rematch last weekend that he didn't show in the first fight. After getting Krahl to the ground, Turnquest bent his arm back to a pretty brutal degree. Here, check out the video. Spoiler - it’s kind of gross.

The finish came at 1:54 of the second round, with Turnquest winning his second fight in a row against Krahl. Krahl did tap out, but his corner was mad that the referee let it continue that far considering his arm looked dislocated long before that.

Just another day in an MMA cage, apparently.