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Helen Maroulis dominates at 2017 world wrestling championships

Maroulis took home a gold medal, outpointing her opponents 53-0.

Wrestling - Olympics: Day 13
Helen Maroulis continued her celebration, earning her 3rd championship in Paris
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Dominance in professional sports comes in many different forms. NFL teams continue to push for the 16-0 record, MLB pitchers chase the no-hitter, and collegiate wrestlers strive for undefeated streaks like Cael Sanderson. Olympic gold medalist, Helen Maroulis demonstrated another form of authority over her opponents in Paris as she earned her second wrestling world championship on Wednesday.

“This is really important for me,” Maroulis said while speaking with FloWrestling. “This worlds is really special for me. Because I heard people say that maybe I had a good day at the Olympics. Well, three years in a row I’ve achieved the goal that I set. So, this is really important to me to be able to come here and achieve my goals.”

Coming off of her gold medal victory in Brazil last summer, Maroulis is one of the most prominent names on Team USA. She continued her run of success this year and did so in emphatic fashion. In five matches she scored 53 unanswered points against her opponents. Only Yessica Oviedo was able to make it out of the first period against the American grappler.

“I felt great; I really just reminded myself why I’m here and what I’m doing. I’m thankful I’m healthy for another year to compete,” Maroulis said. “To be here and to be healthy, it’s amazing.”

The way in which she scored technical falls against her opponents left much of the wrestling community in awe. Many of the biggest names reacted across social media, sending praise her way.

This was Maroulis’s third straight championship, including the 2015 world title she won in Las Vegas and the Olympic medal she earned last summer. She did so competing across three different weight classes - 55 kilograms in 2015, 58 kilograms in 2016 and 53 kilograms this year.

“This is the best weight for me,” Maroulis said. “I can just sneak in there. If you love this sport you’ll find a way to make it work.”

Maroulis wasn’t the only American woman to walk out with a medal after the action on Wednesday. Becka Leathers defeated Bilyana Zhivkova Dudova to earn a bronze medal in the 55-kilogram weight class.