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Polaris 5 results and highlights: Garry Tonon defeats Dillon Danis in main event

Garry Tonon won a unanimous decision over Dillon Danis in the main event of Polaris 5.

Tonon, Shields, “Shaolin” and others victorious in London, England.
Polaris Pro

Polaris 5 featured a lot of social media commentary and insults leading into the event where Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis would compete for the second time. At the end of the day, Tonon would have his hand raised in victory but their level of animosity online didn’t match what occurred on the mat.

Tonon was the clear aggressor in nearly every position of the match. He pushed the pace looking for takedowns, forcing Danis to sprawl and defend multiple times. Tonon went for a failed scissor entry that allowed Danis to get top position, but Tonon remained active looking for multiple attacks. Danis continually exploded out of positions, forcing Tonon to chase him down and re-engage.

Late in the match Danis would hit a duck under and attack Tonon’s back, but the Danaher Death Squad member rolled through and begin to engage a head and shoulder clamp around Danis’s foot. From that position he attempted to lock in some leg attacks that Danis was able to defend. Tonon would remain offensive until the final whistle, walking away with a unanimous decision victory.

“There was a lot of social media banter before this match and I want to apologize to absolutely (expletive) nobody,” Tonon joked, taking a page from Danis’s friend, Conor McGregor. “He did much better than the previous fight. I didn’t submit him so there isn’t a real clear winner in my opinion. I felt like I was able to get off some attacks, but not close enough to finish.”

Jake Shields was also victorious as he took on a star grappler from England in Dan Strauss.

Strauss used a stance to attempt to bait Jake into shooting so he could lock in a guillotine choke. Shields wasn’t falling for that and instead Strauss pulled guard, allowing the former MMA champion to stay in his butterfly guard. Shields would work for the pass while Strauss moved towards high and rubber guard multiple times. Shields eventually sprawled Strauss’s legs out and passed to side, but Strauss pushed his way back into close guard. The action would remain in this position for the majority of the fight, where Shields claimed the victory via unanimous decision.

“He had a much better close guard that I expected and that made it much tougher,” Shields said. “I knew he was baiting me for the takedown.”

“I’m disappointed in the fact that this was a bit of a boring fight. Jake is incredibly tight and incredibly strong. He’s incredibly and remarkably strong for a vegetarian,” Strauss joked. “I only say that because he said ‘you’re better than I thought you would be,’ so I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult.”

Brad Pickett appeared for his transition from mixed martial arts to competitive grappling but was unsuccessful against another former UFC competitor in Phil Harris.

Harris played off of his back, attacking with a high guard while Pickett struggled to break Harris’s legs open. Pickett accidentally slammed his opponent twice, being docked for one point. When he was able to work his way back to his feet, Pickett would attempt a shot but Harris locked in a tight guillotine. Pickett found his way out but remained in Harris’s closed guard. With two minutes remaining, Pickett attempted an ankle lock, and then went for a flying triangle after getting back to his feet. The judges would award the bout to Harris via a split decision.

“I wanted to punch him so bad,” Pickett said when asked about passing Harris’s guard. “In MMA I used to punch them in their face to open their guard. Now I’ve got to get better to open their guard. I just recently retired and I’m just getting used to not punching people in the face. This is new to me. I tried a flying freaking triangle, this is new to me guys.”

Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro displayed some beautiful technique in his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as he choked Caol Uno out in their matchup.

“Shaolin” was aggressive from the start, scoring a takedown from a single and passing to side control. He forced Uno to give up his back and quickly transitioned to a triangle that he then turned into an arm bar. Uno grimaced but fought his way out of the position, ending up on top. Shaolin hit another arm drag to single but Uno defended, initiating a scramble to remain on top. “Shaolin” used a butterfly sweep to lift Uno into the air and again move to his back. This time Uno was unable to escape as “Shaolin” slid his arm into place. Uno fought off the first choke attempt, but the short choke was enough to finish the fight, even though Uno never tapped.

Polaris 5 is available for replay on the UFC Fight Pass platform.

Polaris 5 Full Results

Preliminary Card:

Ffion Davies defeated Elvira Karppinen by Unanimous Decision.

Miha Perhavec defeated River Dillon by Heel Hook.

Thomas Simola defeated Jamie Scott by Unanimous Decision.

Masakazu Imanari defeated Valmyr Neto by Heel Hook.

Main Card:

Bradley Hill defeated Tommi Pulkkanen by Decision.

Sam Cook defeated Vanessa English by Unanimous Decision.

Oliver Taza defeated Ross Nicholls by Unanimous Decision.

AJ Agazarm defeated Lloyd Cooper by Bow and Arrow Choke.

Vitor Ribeiro defeated Caol Uno by Rear Naked Choke.

Phil Harris defeated Brad Pickett by Split Decision.

Jake Shields defeated Dan Strauss by Majority Decision.

Garry Tonon defeated Dillon Danis by Unanimous Decision.