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Chris Weidman: If things don’t change at 185, I might move up to 205

Chris Weidman is not too satisfied with how things are at middleweight, and is considering the idea of moving up to light heavyweight.

Chris Weidman is not happy about how things are going in the UFC middleweight division’s current title picture. Champion Michael Bisping will be defending his title against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217 in New York City, and the winner will be challenged by interim champion Robert Whittaker.

With the possibility of his goal of reclaiming the title being delayed further, the former 185-pound champion is now looking at the option of moving up to light heavyweight.

“Yeah, definitely there has to be a clear picture,” Weidman told Submission Radio. “Like I said, my goal is to be the champ and there’s no way of me getting to have the belt for two years or more just based on other people taking their time with taking fights. It’s a weird place to be, it’s not interesting. I mean, if 185 doesn’t like, things don’t change, I want to maybe think about possibly going to 205. So we’ll see.

Save for the two champions and Jacare Souza, Weidman had already fought the rest of the division’s top-five contenders, and the lack of opponents to face is another reason for him to move up. But should anything untoward happen to either Bisping or St-Pierre, Weidman says he will be ready to step up if called upon.

“Well, I think it’s a little bit of a thinner division and right now the title picture, I don’t feel like there’s clear contenders, you know?” Weidman said. “I don’t know how many guys that are up in the top-five that they’re shooting to fight for the title soon. So if there’s a clear picture to a title at 205, then I would consider that. But again, I’m not really putting too much thought into any of this.

“Obviously I gotta focus on getting my hand better and staying healthy, and that’s it, man. Let’s see, maybe Bisping or maybe GSP gets injured, I don’t know, and then I’ll be ready to go for November and Bisping won’t be able to scatter away from a guy like me. So that would be something that would work out for me nice for me. I’m in New York, I’m ready to go.”

UFC 217 is scheduled for November 4th, at Madison Square Garden.