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Video: Mayweather: McGregor will land shots because I’m going straight ahead instead of taking my time

Floyd Mayweather says instead of taking his time, he will be very aggressive on this fight against Conor McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Media Workout Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

A respected boxing analyst in Max Kellerman have gone to great lengths to say that Conor McGregor has “precisely zero percent” chance to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. He even claims that the UFC champion “will not land a single punch” on the defensive genius.

During an appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mayweather was asked if he thinks this to be the case. The boxing great said that he doesn’t believe this will be the case, as he plans on fighting differently come fight night.

“He’s going to land shots, because with this fight I’m going straight ahead,” Mayweather told Jimmy Kimmel. “Normally, it’s more taking my time, being very cautious, but this time I’m going straight ahead.”

When Kimmel asked why he’d risk probably “making it more even,” Mayweather says it’s just to make the fight more entertaining.

“The fans deserve it.”

This isn’t the first time that Floyd and his team have hinted at fighting differently and trying to finish the fight early. His trainer recently stated that they don’t think McGregor can last very long, so they plan to attack, “turn the gas on” and fight at a very high rate early.

With his vast experience and skillset over a first time pro-boxer, it’s certainly not inconceivable for Floyd to win even with different approaches. But it just seems like switching to an aggressive start instead of his measured and defensive style could unnecessarily play to McGregor’s pressure and counter game.

That being said, Floyd always says things to build up fights, so I guess we’ll find out on the 26th how true these claims are.

In an appearance on Conan, McGregor also addressed this game plan that Floyd has been talking about publicly.