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Cyborg: Holly Holm will run in the ring, but I will find her

Cyborg responds to Mike Winkeljohn’s previous claims that she will be ‘picked apart’ by Holly Holm.

After Cris Cyborg finally won the UFC featherweight title at UFC 214, the next match-up being set-up for her is against former bantamweight champion Holly Holm. Holm’s striking coach Mike Winkeljohn already made his assessment of the fight, banking on the belief that his fighter would be able to “pick Cyborg apart.”

From her end, Cyborg is just waiting for Holm to finally agree to the fight. During a recent media scrum, she went on to address Winkeljohn’s previous claims, pointing out that Holm had already turned her down on a few occasions.

“She already (turned me down) three times,” Cyborg said. “I was supposed to fight her in Curitiba (at UFC 198) and agreed to fight her at 140 pounds, and she didn’t want to fight. And then I said, ‘let’s fight in Brasilia’, and then she said she can fight me if I make 138 pounds, not 140. And then when Megan Anderson pulled out of (UFC 214), I said I would like to fight Holly. And then she said no, and she fights Bethe Correia.”

“It’s easy when the coach says something,” she continued. “It’s better if she says it herself, not her coach. And if she believes (that she can pick me apart), and her coach believes that, then let’s do this fight. What are you waiting for?”

Cyborg also gave props to Holm’s striking prowess, but believes it does not pose a danger against her.

“She never knocked out one girl with a punch,” Cyborg said. “Her last fight with Bethe Correia (lasted) three rounds, (and it took) maybe six punches before the referee stopped the fight.”

“I don’t think she’s very aggressive. I don’t think she’s going to be a danger. It would be an exciting fight because I like to fight. She’s gonna run in the ring, but I’m gonna find her.”

Cyborg has been campaigning for the Holm fight to take place at UFC 219 for the UFC’s year-end card in Las Vgeas.