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Dana White's Contender Series week 6 results and highlights: Byrd, Dawson win in style

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Check out what happened at Dana White's Contender Series episode 6, as two contracts were awarded for two rear-naked chokes.

UFC Fight Pass screenshot

Dana White’s Contender Series 6 has concluded, and UFC contracts have been given out to Charles Byrd and Grant Dawson. Charles Byrd earned a 2nd round RNC of Randall Wallace, and Grant Dawson put on a dominant ground attack en route to a 2nd round RNC of Adrian Diaz. Jamie Colleen scored a last minute submission, as she took home the arm of Tiffany Masters with just 17 seconds left in the fight. Jaime Alvarez picked up a decision over Martin Day, and Cameron Olson earned the nod over Karl Reed.

Charles Byrd def. Randall Wallace by Submission (RNC) at 2:03 of round 2: Middleweight

Byrd was looking to open up with his strikes, but Wallace had other plans in mind in the form of a takedown. Byrd remained calm and reversed the position, momentarily finding full mount, before getting bucked off and returning to the feet. Byrd achieved a late takedown into the half guard of Wallace, and postured up with a few flush ground strikes before the round expired. Byrd went right at his opponent to start the 2nd frame, prompting a bull rush from Wallace, and a consequent lateral drop from Byrd into top position. Byrd moved from the guard and onto the back of his foe, finding the Rear-Naked Choke finish.

Watch both middleweights land solid strikes:

Grant Dawson def. Adrian Diaz by Submission (RNC) at 1:15 of round 2: Featherweight

Diaz scored first with a counter hook to the jaw of his opponent, but Dawson was quick to close the distance and score a body lock takedown, to put the fight on the ground where it stayed. Dawson was content to chip away inside of the full guard, and ultimately turned it up down the stretch, landing with heavy ground strikes. Dawson would pass the guard and transition to the back of Diaz, sinking a full on RNC, however the bell sounded as the round came to an end. Dawson scored an instant takedown to kick off the second round, and continued to have his way with strikes. Dawson again transitioned to the back, and re-sunk that RNC he had at the end of the 2nd, but this time there was plenty of time remaining to find the finish. Diaz was dead to rights and wisely tapped out before he went to sleep.

Ladies and gentlemen, Snoop Doggy Dogg:

Cameron Olson def. Karl Reed by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3): Light Heavyweight

There was no feeling out process between these light heavyweights, as Reed and Olson got busy right off the bat. Reed found the Thai clinch and unleashed a series of strong knees to the gut of his opposition, but Olson would go on to find success from the clinch position himself, and launched knees to the body and leg. Reed came out throwing solid kicks coupled with straight punches to open the 2nd stanza, but once he engaged in the clinch, Olson was able to take control for a moment in the clinch. Olson ate a mean elbow from Reed on the feet, which prompted a well timed takedown into the half guard of his opponent. Reed was able to make it back to his feet with about a minute left in the round, but struggled to get his back off of the cage. Reed again came out aggressively to start the final frame, but once he engaged in the clinch, Olson quickly took control of the fight, and kept Reed’s back to the cage for the rest of the round.

Jaime Alvarez def. Martin Day by unanimous decision (28-27, 29-27, 29-28): Flyweight

Both flyweights opened the bout by launching leg kicks at one another for about 2 minutes, and continued to trade back and forth for another minute, with Alvarez seeming to get the better of the exchanges. Alvarez switched gears and scored a takedown that seemed to surprise Day, and followed up with solid ground and pound to both the head and body. Day would have his say, as he returned to his feet in time to score a takedown of his own before the round expired. Alvarez scored an early takedown to kick off the second frame, and transitioned to the back, but Day was able to remain cool, and recover full guard, but still gave up the dominant position.

Day opened the 3rd round with a spinning kick to the side of Alvarez’ head, and continued with his kicking assault, attacking the body. Day turned up the heat and started unloading his punches in bunches, striking the liver and then going upstairs to the head. The output of Alvarez dwindled to all of nada, as he appeared too fatigued to even block, allowing Day to run all over him. Despite Day owning the last round in it’s entirety, the judges awarded the unanimous decision to Alvarez.

Watch Alvarez drop the hammer at the end of the 1st:

Check out Day doing his thing down the stretch:

Ladies and gentlemen, Snoop Doggy Dogg:

Jamie Colleen def. Tiffany Masters by Submission (Armbar) at 4:43 of round 3: (W) Strawweight

Colleen found early success with her counter punching, as Masters pressed forward in search of the clinch. Masters closed the distance and realized a takedown, and took full advantage of the dominant position by unloading some quality ground and pound. Masters went on to take the back of Colleen, and worked for a Rear-Naked Choke as the opening round came to a close. Masters started the second round by going high with a head kick, which almost landed, before scoring a takedown, and keeping it for the entire round. Colleen was unable to make it back to her feet in the second round, but she didn’t really absorb much damage. The third round saw Colleen land a few overhands and uppercuts on the feet to begin, followed by a descent amount of ground and pound as Masters botched a takedown. Despite losing the bulk of the grappling exchanges, Colleen snagged a last minute armbar from her back, to prevent the bout from reaching the judges.