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Paulie Malignaggi responds to sparring ‘knockdown’ video at hands of Conor McGregor

Paulie Malignaggi didnt take long to respond to a couple of videos of his sparring session with Conor McGregor posted by UFC president Dana White.

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Last week, Paulie Malignaggi showed up in Las Vegas to spar with Conor McGregor for a second time in preparation for his August 26th boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. A contentious 12-round session followed, and an image of Malignaggi on the floor was released by McGregor’s camp which angered the retired boxer.

Malignaggi immediately contended that he was pushed down and that the image didnt represent what McGregor’s camp was clearly playing at - that Conor dropped him. Malignaggi demanded that the full, unedited video of the 36-minute session be released so everyone could decide for themselves what happened.

We havent got that yet. But tonight, UFC president Dana White posted two videos of the session that don’t show Paulie in the best light. One shows McGregor clearly hurting Malignaggi, and the other is the "knockdown" - a combination of hard shots by Conor and a push.

After the videos were posted, Malignaggi took to Twitter almost immediately to defend himself:

He also took the time to take direct aim at Dana:

Malignaggi also specifically responded to comments from MMA analysts like Kenny Florian and Brendan Schaub (I use the analyst term loosely for the latter), essentially repeating the same comments as above about it being a push.

Regardless, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard about this.