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Three Amigos No. 136 with George Lockhart

The Amigos are joined by weight-cutting specialist George Lockhart who is currently working with Conor McGregor ahead of his Aug. 26 mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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Welcome to your weekly dose of Three Amigos Podcast fun. This episode is loaded with great content, courtesy of our special guest, weight-cutting specialist, George Lockhart. We also have a new installment of our popular segment Sports That Can’t Stop No Double Leg ™.

Ordered Listing with timestamps:

  • Sports That Can't Stop No Double Leg™ - 22:25
  • George Lockhart – 48:55

Here is a summary of each interview segment, complete with the time stamps for when each interview or special segment begins. As always, we hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.

George Lockhart (48:55 mark)

  • What his living accommodations are like at Team McGregor (question in response to Malignaggi’s accusation that McGregor doesn’t take care of his team satisfactorily)
  • Cooking arrangements (if George prepares the food then brings to Conor or if he cooks for him at the McMansion
  • Favorite go-to recipe for Conor
  • If there is food that Conor specifically requests
  • If there’s anything he’s not a fan of
  • A typical day’s meals
  • How many calories Conor is taking in daily at this stage of camp (2 weeks out)
  • How Conor has done in sparring generally
  • What the UFC performance institute is like
  • Hanging with Forrest Griffin
  • How he came to drive Conor’s Rolls Royce during the media tour
  • How he envisions Conor’s weight cut heading into the fight

The hosts discuss a variety of topics that include:

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