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Floyd Mayweather wants to fight Conor McGregor in eight-ounce gloves

Floyd Mayweather is willing to box Conor McGregor in a smaller glove size than originally planned.

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor-World Tour Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather is willing to give Conor McGregor a slight advantage when they fight later this month.

Mayweather and McGregor are scheduled to meet in 10-ounce gloves, but “Money” said in an Instagram post on Tuesday that he wants to instead compete in eight-ounce gloves, closer to the four-ounce glove size McGregor is used to wearing in the UFC’s Octagon.

“I'm telling McGregor, ‘Let's fight in 8 oz gloves,’” Mayweather wrote. “McGregor can fight in any brand he prefers or chooses. I'll be wearing 8 oz Grant gloves. Whatever advantage McGregor needs to feel more comfortable in the ring, I'm willing to accommodate. Let's give the boxing and MMA fans what they want to see.”

McGregor has yet to respond and say whether he too wants to change the bout’s glove size.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Mayweather also said during the Mayweather-McGregor world tour last month he’d be willing to fight McGregor “in the Octagon.”

Not too long ago, Mayweather vs. McGregor was a matchup many people wanted to see but knew it would never happen. But after lengthy talks between both parties, a deal was finally made, and the former boxing champ and current UFC titleholder are set to fight in the boxing ring.

Mayweather is stepping out of retirement for the McGregor bout. His last fight came in September 2015 and was a victory over Andre Berto.

McGregor has never boxed professionally. His last MMA fight took place last November when he defeated Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight championship and to become the first fighter to hold two titles simultaneously in the organization’s history.

Mayweather and McGregor are set to collide at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Aug. 26. The 12-round, 154-pound bout will be available to watch in North America on Showtime pay-per-view.