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UFC 213: Michael Bisping explains why he threw belt at 'fake' champ Robert Whittaker

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Michael Bisping explains why he threw his middleweight belt at newly-crowned interim champ Robert Whittaker.

UFC 199: Rockhold v Bisping 2 Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Michael Bisping is struggling to antagonize Robert Whittaker, who is not only the UFC interim middleweight champion but one of the most humble and down to earth fighters on the roster.

Whittaker, 26, put on a fantastic performance at UFC 213 against the feared Yoel Romero, rallying to beat the 'Soldier of God' in the last three rounds to pick up a unanimous decision win.

Whittaker suffered a leg injury in the first round but managed to maintain his composure against one of the most explosive and dangerous fighters in the division, beating Romero to the punch and establishing himself as the superior striker.

After the bout, official middleweight champ Bisping entered the Octagon and tried to create some drama, throwing his 185-pound belt on the ground and hesitantly telling Whittaker that he 'should be ashamed' of himself for posing with the interim title. 'The Count' then stormed off and left the Octagon without his belt.

Bisping elaborated on the UFC 213 FS1 post-fight show, claiming that Whittaker is a fake champ and a 'poser'.

“I am the undisputed champion of the world,” Bisping said, per MMA Junkie. “This fake, this poser, is standing there with an interim belt, like he’s the champion. I’m the champion. Here, take it. We’re going to fight, so right now I’m still the champ. I’m not going to walk around with it on. You’ve got one, I’ve got one. Take it. May the best man win. Whoever wins the fight, you can have it, you’re the champ.”

Despite his harsh words, it's clear that Bisping is struggling to find something to dislike about Whittaker, who has been nothing but class in his UFC title run.

Bisping, 38, also had a spat with Romero, having to be restrained by security after yelling profanities at the Cuban.

“He was sticking his tongue out at me, so I just reciprocated the love,” Bisping said of Romero. “When I got into the cage as well I was standing in the back whilst they made the announcement. Then he walked up and he kind of faked, like he was going to attack me. So, I reacted. All hell broke loose for second.”

Given that both Bisping and Whittaker are currently nursing injuries, with the New Zealand-born Whittaker claiming that his left leg is trashed, don't expect both fighters to clash until late 2017/early 2018, depending on the severity of 'The Reaper's' injury.