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UFC 213 post-fight bonuses: Whittaker, Laprise among $50K winners

Check out our breakdown of the post-fight bonuses from UFC 213: Romero vs. Whittaker in Las Vegas, Nevada. We tell you who won, who didn’t and why.

MMA: UFC 213-Romero vs Whittaker Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada was home to a decent night of fights, with three (T)KOs, two submissions, and six decisions, including one majority decision. The originally scheduled main event of the evening fell apart at the 11th hour when Amanda Nunes withdrew after a combination of feeling ill and being run over by the bus Dana White threw her under left her unable to compete.

Performances of the Night: Rob Font and Chad Laprise

Rob “Comic Sans” Font put on an impressive display against Douglas Silva de Andrade, putting his well-rounded skills on display with a variety of front kicks, knees and jabs on the feet. After putting the pressure on in the second round, Font rocked Andrade with a combination of punches and knees before taking the stunned Brazilian down and securing a guillotine for the submission victory and a $50k bonus.

Brian Camozzi and Chad Laprise had a very evenly matched first two rounds in their FS1 prelim bout and there seemed to be little separating the two as the third round started. So, Chad Laprise decided to separate Camozzi from his liver, landing a crushing straight punch to the floating ribs that belatedly folded Camozzi up in agony.

Camozzi lurched against the cage, then to the ground, and Laprise followed up with a barrage of shots. Herb Dean called for Camozzi to fight back, but Brian couldn’t hear him over the deafening sound of regret emanating from his hepatic vein as it punished him for every drop of alcohol he ever touched in life, and the fight was waved off. Laprise earned a cool 50 Gs to go along with his win.

Fight of the Night: Robert Whittaker vs. Yoel Romero

Robert “Bobby Knuckles” Whittaker came into this interim Middleweight title fight as the slight favorite over the hulking Yoel Romero and the fight played out exactly as the oddsmakers predicted, as Whittaker took a narrow 48-47 decision on all three scorecards.

The fight itself was the kind of back-and-forth seesaw every Yoel Romero fight seems to be. The Cuban oscillated between throwing flying knees and leaping tall fighters in a single bound, then standing completely still, as though he just spotted an angry T-Rex, for minutes at a time.

Whittaker’s job was made harder by his left knee being melted by one of Romero’s oblique kicks early in the first round, leading the Australian to tell his corner his knee was “f**ked” between rounds. The injury didn’t stop him fighting off Romero’s relentless takedown attempts, though, and as the fight entered the third round Romero’s Herculean physique started to take its toll on his gas tank.

As the “Soldier of God” slowed, Whittaker picked up the pace and the crafty Aussie lit Romero up again and again en route to his unanimous decision victory. For his efforts, Whittaker earned the interim Middleweight title, a $50k bonus, and Michael Bisping’s spare belt, which the champ dropped at Whittaker’s feet post-fight.