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UFC 213 results: Pettis bests Miller, Font impresses, Blaydes-Omielanczuk underwhelms

Check out the results of the first three main card matchups at UFC 213: Romero vs. Whittaker in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MMA: UFC 213-Pettis vs Miller Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We’re more than halfway through the UFC 213 main card, which unfortunately lost the main event between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko earlier in the day. Rob Font kicked things off with a great performance against Douglas Silva de Andrade, Anthony Pettis won a fun scrap with Jim Miller, and Curtis Blaydes won a grueling bout with Daniel Omielanczuk. Here’s how the fights played out.

Curtis Blaydes def. Daniel Omielanczuk by unanimous decision (30-27 x3) - Heavyweights

Blaydes had a stuffed takedown and threw two knees to the groin, which led to referee Marc Goddard taking away his position and restarting them from a neutral position. Omielanczuk showed some impressive defensive wrestling in the early stages. The Polish fighter was also landing some nice leg kicks along the way. Blaydes threw knees to the midsection in the clinch battles, but couldn’t get Omielanczuk down. More unsuccessful takedowns by Blaydes essentially defined round 1. He threw some elbows and it was a bit of an ugly affair. A left hook seemed to stun Blaydes at the end, with the horn sounding about two seconds later.

Blaydes started out round 2 with two jabs and a straight right. Omielanczuk again defended the takedown against the fence, as the crowd was annoyed. Another jab and another straight right landed flush for Blaydes. Omielanczuk dug in a good punch to the body. Another jab for Blaydes scored but he got tagged by a knee on the way into the clinch. A very telegraphed shot was thwarted by a bloodied Omielanczuk. Blaydes kicked Omielanczuk in the groin, and Goddard gave him a stern warning. No point was deducted, though. Curtis was 0-for-10 on takedowns at the end of the second.

Omielanczuk came out swinging in the final round. Blaydes consistently worked the jab and then hit a reactive shot, but again Daniel stuffed it. There was another shot where Blaydes switched to a single and still didn’t get him down. Blaydes hit him with a hard right, and Omielanczuk took a deep breath. Another pair of jabs snapped the head of Omielanczuk back. Omielanczuk threw a nice body kick but his punches were just too slow. For a bizarre reason, Omielanczuk shot on Blaydes, who threw some elbows to the body. Daniel couldn’t get on top in the scramble and they finished the fight with ugly, exhausted, horribly sloppy striking. A win is a win for Blaydes, who is unbeaten in three of his four UFC fights. Omielanczuk has dropped three in a row.

Anthony Pettis def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (30-27 x3) - Lightweights

Miller opened up with a big leg kick and a straight left that cracked Pettis. Another inside leg kick got through for Jim. Pettis sniped Miller with a straight right. Pettis threw a solid kick to the body after he’d absorbed yet another inside low kick. A body kick and a flying knee appeared to hurt Miller and “Showtime” went to work against the fence. He couldn’t get the stoppage but he was getting into a rhythm. A spinning backfist landed for Pettis, and somehow Miller took it like a champ. Miller went to the body and then got in a right hook as the round ended, but Pettis also tagged him in the process.

In round 2, a head kick by Pettis clipped Miller but Jim put him on the ground after catching the leg. Pettis threatened with a triangle briefly but Miller fended it off and had extended top control time. Miller was bleeding profusely from the kick but he was getting in some ground-and-pound and took the back. Pettis escaped, Miller slipped off, and Pettis was in Miller’s half-guard. The former champion enjoyed time on top and passed to side control. He stayed active and then took the back in hopes of getting a rear-naked choke. Miller worked his way back up, only for Pettis to trip Miller down again as the horn sounded seconds later.

Miller started off round 3 with two leg kicks and a left hand. Pettis nearly blasted Miller with another head kick but it was blocked. Miller continued to find success with the leg kicks but he needed a finish to win the fight. A front kick snapped Miller’s head back. Miller finally shot for a takedown but Pettis defended nicely and had one underhook. They both threw standing elbows in the clinch. Pettis tried a fancy cartwheel kick, and Miller playfully had one of his own. It was an entertaining fight but the outcome was never really in doubt. A shutout win for Pettis gets him back in the win column in his return to 155, while Miller drops his second straight.

Rob Font def. Douglas Silva de Andrade by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:36 of round 2 - Bantamweights

Font had the first takedown of the fight, and Andrade interestingly enough dropped down in hopes of a leglock. Rob went to work from half-guard and threw some short elbows before moving back to full guard. Andrade got back to his feet and survived a high-elbow standing guillotine, but ate a combination after that. Font scored with a two-punch combo and a knee that backed Andrade up, but he was also poked in the eye afterwards. Andrade connected on a nice right hand on the restart, and Font retaliated with a hard leg kick. A hard left hook caught Font but he again was able to throw and land the knees. Font ended round 1 with a hard knee to the body and then dropped down for a guillotine, but time expired.

The striking battle continued into round 2, with Font having the advantage both in speed and accuracy. Font connected on a beautiful counter left hand. Andrade just missed on what would’ve been a massive uppercut. He did smack him with a hard straight right. Font returned fire with two jabs and a right. Font was making the most of his reach advantage and answering every successful attack by the Brazilian. Knees to the body hurt Andrade, then a big right hand by Font had him reeling. He sensed the finish and went on the attack, but chose to take Andrade down. Andrade had a hold of the neck and then let go, but when Font had Douglas’ neck, it was game over. He went for the guillotine and Andrade tried to slam his way out of it. While Font didn’t have the legs wrapped around Andrade, the choke was tight enough to warrant a tap. It’s four finishes in four UFC wins for Font, while Andrade drops to 2-2 inside the Octagon.