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Conor McGregor reacts to the insane Gaethje vs Johnson brawl of the year candidate

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Conor McGregor approves of that UFC main event brawl.

Conor McGregor Official Fight After Party At Intrigue Nightclub, Wynn Las Vegas Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas

Justin Gaethje and Michael Johnson put on quite a show on their main event billing on Friday night. The pair of lightweights went back and forth, hurting each other multiple times (video here), and reportedly landing a combined 195 strikes in less than 2 rounds of action.

The undefeated former WSOF champion in Gaethje came up victorious in what would surely be one of the most memorable UFC debuts in a long time, and it also won him both Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night bonuses. The brawl was so fun, it even got the reigning lightweight champion to tweet something apart from his boxing training camp.

Gaethje saw the compliment, and was asked who he wanted next. McGregor obviously has other things going on right now, and Gaethje veered away from his “anyone” answer during the event to say he wants the next big thing.

“I want Ferguson. That’s who I want. I want to take out the best in America, then I want to take out the best in the world.”