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Video: Gabi Garcia destroys much smaller Shoot Boxing opponent with illegal soccer kick

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Check out the crazy video of Gabi Garcia’s Shoot Boxing debut in Japan.

Decorated multi-time BJJ world champion Gabi Garcia is set to make her return to MMA at the end of this month, but on Friday she made her Shoot Boxing debut at S-Cup 2017 in Japan. Garcia’s opponent was the 45-year-old Megumi Yabushita, whose kickboxing record is 1-10-1, while her MMA record is 19-23, with no wins since way back in 2010.

Garcia had the slight size advantage over the career bantamweight, and the fight wasn’t remotely competitive. The Brazilian battered her foe all around the ring, just about dropping her with a right hand before throwing an illegal kick to Yabushita’s body. After the referee admonished Garcia for the infraction, Garcia later knocked Yabushita down again with a punch and then smashed her with an illegal soccer kick. To the surprise of no one, Yabushita couldn’t continue, and Garcia was given a red card. However, the referee ruled the foul unintentional and opted for the no-contest instead of a disqualification loss.

Yeah, this all really happened.

You can watch the video at the top of the page. Garcia will fight against Oksana Gagloeva at RIZIN FF 6 on July 30th.