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Travis Browne details how Ronda Rousey’s medal became ‘nail in the coffin’ for ‘dips—t’ burglars

Travis Browne explained how he caught the people who robbed his home.

Olympics Day 5 - Judo Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Ronda Rousey recently shared a story about her home being broken into, and things such as her Olympic medal, guns, jewelry and credit card were stolen. Her fiancé, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne has since detailed the events on how he caught the robbers.

“We showed up at our Venice place, before we were going to New Zealand. We kinda noticed some things were out of place or missing,” Browne told MMA Fighting. “We started looking around a little bit more, and some things were definitely missing, stuff that should have been there.

“So we looked back at security cameras. We replayed the last four days, saw who he was. We took a picture and put it on my phone,” he said. “We noticed that they all had skateboards. There’s a famous skatepark next to us, so I just walked down and saw the two guys and the chick. I walked over to the cops and said there they are. They tried to get away in the crowd and stuff, but they were arrested a couple of hours later.”

According to Browne, Rousey’s Olympic medal also ended up being instrumental in the case.

“No (we didn’t get all our stuff back). She still has her medal. It’s funny, that was one of the things that put the nail in the coffin,” Browne explained. “Because they picked up the medal, which was in a hard surface case, and actually touched the medal but then put it back in and put it away. It has all their fingerprints all over it, so it was one of the things that helped match. These guys were just being dipshits.

“I don’t know if they slept in our bed, but they slept in the guest bedroom. It is just weird. It is what it is. We’ve beefed up security now.”

Browne, who says his wedding with Rousey will be happening “soon”, will be fighting at the UFC 213 prelims this weekend.