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Cris Cyborg: Dana White said he made mistakes, maybe we can work together

Cris Cyborg is optimistic for positive changes after Dana White’s recent admission of his shortcomings towards her.

It has been a tough road for Cris Cyborg heading into the UFC. The establishment of the women’s featherweight division was a tug-o-war, and UFC president Dana White himself recently admitted that there were ‘some mistakes’ committed on their part.

“To be honest with you, we made some mistakes when it comes to Cyborg. So, the least we can do is get our sh-t together and get this woman a fight for the title,” White said in a recent MMA Junkie interview.

With White’s admission, Cyborg is now led to believe that better things could be coming her way. On Monday’s MMA Hour episode, she expressed her optimism in terms of being treated by the company.

"I hope it’s gonna change. The last interview, Dana White said he did a lot of mistakes with Cyborg, maybe we can work together,” Cyborg said (via MMA Fighting). “I love my job. If my boss and my company loves working with me, we’re gonna have a lot of success together.”

"I accepted that. Let's see what's gonna happen after that. Let's see if not going to be just words, but if the practice in business is gonna change. We just have to work together. If you want to work together, for sure we can make a lot of money together.”

“But we need to work together. After this interview, I think he opened the door for getting better."

Cyborg is widely considered as the most dominant female fighter today, and believes that she could have been a big star like Ronda Rousey, if only she was given the same push.

"Imagine now if they used the same machine they used to build Ronda Rousey, imagine if these people did it with me. The same people that watched Gina Carano against Cyborg, the same people watched my last fight. We made the same number,” Cyborg said.

"Imagine if they build my like they did to Ronda Rousey, if I fought Holly Holm the same night Ronda Rousey fought Cat Zingano. If Ronda doesn't want to fight me, protect her, that’s fine, you build two stars. It would be amazing. Big stars is good for them. More stars, more money for them."

Cyborg finally gets her due title fight at 145 pounds as she faces Tonya Evinger at UFC 214 on July 29th in Anaheim, California.