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Dana White guarantees Michael Bisping will face the winner of Romero vs. Whittaker

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Dana White confirms that Michael Bisping will be fighting the winner of UFC 213’s co-headliner between Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker.

Macao UFC Fight Night Press Conference Photo by Jayne Russell/Getty Images

In May, the UFC decided to scrap the supposed matchup between Michael Bisping and the returning Georges St-Pierre. But as of June, Bisping admitted that he is still “invested” in facing the former long-time welterweight champion, since a press conference for their fight had already taken place.

UFC president Dana White, however, has other plans for the shelved middleweight champion. In a sit-down interview with MMAJunkie, White confirmed that Bisping will be facing the winner of Saturday night’s UFC 213 co-main event feature between Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker.

“(Bisping) is in line for the winner. Bisping’s never turned down a fight, this guy,” White said. “Me and Bisping go back a long way from his season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ and I’ve done a lot of things for Michael Bisping, and Michael Bisping’s done a lot of things for me.”

“We have a really good relationship and we communicate a lot, even when we’re both not really happy with the situation and what’s going on. Me and Michael will get this done.”

Bisping, who is currently healing from an injury, was never in agreement with the making of the interim title fight between Romero and Whittaker, saying it’s “a little premature”. But for White, it is the only logical move to make.

“I’m in this situation right now where Bisping’s hurt. This should be Bisping vs. Romero right now. Whittaker just destroyed Jacare and Romero has been beating everybody along the way, waiting for this title shot.”

“Bisping’s not ready yet,” White continued. “And if there was ever an interim title fight, how is this one not worthy? This fight’s going to be ridiculous.”

UFC 213 will be taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and will be headlined by the women’s bantamweight title fight between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko.