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The MMA Vivisection - Professional Fighters League: Everett picks, odds, & analysis

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Zane Simon, Victor Rodriguez, & Eddie Mercado are back to talk about this week's PFL card in Everett, WA. With picks and odds for the main card bouts, and maybe a few prelims.

While the UFC is the dominant show this week on the MMA landscape (and with UFC 214, this month and all summer too) they aren’t the only show in town. The newly re-branded Professional Fighters League is in Everett, WA this Saturday, July 29th. And while the promotion isn’t hosting anything the caliber of UFC 214, they are putting on an excellent top-to-bottom MMA card filled with seasoned veteran talent. Jake Shields, Yushin Okami, Andre Harrison, Josh Copeland, and many more should make for an interesting night of fights for hardcore MMA fans.

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Here’s a look at PFL: Everett as it stands now:

Andre Harrison vs. Steven Rodriguez
Yushin Okami vs. Andre Lobato
Jake Shields vs. Danny Davis Jr.
Bruno Santos vs. Rex Harris

Josh Copeland vs. Mike Kyle
Jared Rosholt vs. Nick Rossborough
Luiz Firmino vs. Eddy Ellis
Louis Taylor vs. Zach Conn
Dale Sopi vs. Jared Torgeson
Miles Hunsinger vs. Andy Nigretto
Punahele Soriano vs. Jon Gover