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Georges St-Pierre texted Dana White and hopes to fight Bisping for UFC title in ‘November’

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Following Robert Whittaker’s injury at UFC 213, GSP is hopeful that his fight with Michael Bisping is re-booked for November.

It looked like the middleweight division had finally restored order when Robert Whittaker defeated Yoel Romero at UFC 213 to solidify a true number one contender for Michael Bisping.

Whittaker, who beat ‘Soldier of God’ via unanimous decision to win the interim 185-pound title, was expected to fight official champion Bisping in a title unification bout in the fall.

News came out earlier this week, however, that ‘The Reaper’ had sustained a grade two medical ligament injury from UFC 213 and could be out of action for the rest of the year.

That prompted Georges St-Pierre, the former welterweight champ, to contact UFC president Dana White to get his title fight with Bisping re-booked.

"Sometimes in sports, unfortunately, the misfortune of people makes the good luck of others,” St-Pierre said when he called into Bisping’s podcast, ‘Believe You Me’ on Monday (h/t Abhinav Kini of IBTimes UK). That's what happened in this case: I had an injury, you had an injury, which created the opportunity for another guy but the other guy, Robert Whittaker, had bad luck so he had an injury which put us back into the initial situation that we are in so it's up to Dana White.

"I texted Dana and he knows that I want to fight you and hopefully if the boss wants, the fight will happen."

Bisping, the host of ‘Believe You Me’, agreed with GSP and said he would be happy to fight the Canadian MMA star in the fall.

“I look forward to fighting you,” Bisping replied. “Hopefully, we can make this happen. You want to fight me, I want to fight you. The interim champion [Whittaker] is sidelined - I don’t see a reason why this shouldn’t happen.”

St-Pierre, who was arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, put a lot of preparation into fighting Bisping and hopes the bout comes to fruition in November.

"I was following a diet, I hired a dietician," St-Pierre said. "I spent a lot of time, money and energy on this. That's why it was frustrating for me when I heard the fight was not going to happen."

"Because of his [Whittaker] misfortune, perhaps that's put us right back in the initial situation that we were supposed to fight each other. Which I hope will happen, hopefully, November."

Although St-Pierre is now back in the mix, top-ranked middleweight contender Romero, who lost to Whittaker earlier this month, is desperate to get his hands on ‘The Count’.

Bloody Elbow will keep you updated as the middleweight landscape readjusts.