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Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping continue Twitter beef: ‘Cross eyed b-tch’

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UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and Chris Weidman have continued to jaw at each other on social media.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Weidman vs Gastelum Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Weidman’s big win at UFC on Fox 25 over Kelvin Gastelum on Saturday ended a losing streak and immediately made him relevant in the UFC’s 185-pound title chase again. Of course, like virtually every other middleweight that wins a fight these days, he called out champion Michael Bisping in his post-fight interview.

Bisping, never one to let a challenge go unanswered, responded pretty quickly on Twitter (salty language warning):

And that kicked off a twitter beef that could be categorized as tepid, at best:

Bisping then took his game over to Instagram, posting Weidman’s recent 1-3 record, but then deleted it for whatever reason.

This clearly won’t mean a bunch, because Weidman isn’t getting a title shot any time soon. Bisping is currently out with a knee injury and Robert Whittaker recently won the interim title by defeating Yoel Romero at UFC 213. So clearly those two men should meet next.

Regardless, I guess this makes for some good reading at least. Maybe. Sort of. Not really?