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Check out this ridiculous soccer kick KO from an MMA event in Japan

An emphatic statement knockout made for a perfect title fight finale.

Esther Lin

While Bellator and the UFC had events over the course of the last weekend, a show on the other side of the world had an instant candidate for knockout of the year.

Today’s entry comes courtesy of none other than the nigh-legendary Caposa - a.k.a. Grabaka Hitman - giving us the walk-off soccer kick that highlight reel dreams are made of.

With this finish, DEEP veteran Hiroto Uesako seals the deal to capture the then-vacant featherweight champion at DEEP Cage Impact from Koruaken Hall in Tokyo, Japan. This is his third straight win and all three have ended by knockout or TKO. His opponent Koichi Ishizuka loses his second straight bout, leaving him at 12-3-1(draw).

Followers of the Japanese/Korean scene may recognize Uesako from his appearance last September at Road FC 33, where he defeated Young Gi Hong in the first round of a quirky and fun fight. After that he notched another finish against Hawaii native Guy DeLumeau at DEEP 78 to get this title shot (highlights here). Uesako improves to 12-6 in his professional career and couldn’t be happier.