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Video: Super-heavyweight vomits during MMA bout, gets disqualified

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A super heavyweight was winning his bout, before he barfed and got disqualified.

Screen grab, FloCombat

Even at the highest level, heavyweight fights can sometimes get weird and ugly, so it may not come as a surprise that there’s a higher chance for all of that when a regional MMA event features amateur super-heavyweights.

For several minutes, 285 lb Jesse Reasoner looked to be on his way to winning his amateur MMA bout against Sean Needham at regional event KOP 57. Midway through the second round though, Reasoner’s body failed him and cost him the fight.

Whether it was due to sheer exhaustion or something else, the super-heavyweight eventually just started puking in the cage, forcing the referee to quickly call the fight. Reasoner was disqualified, and his overall amateur record drops to 2-5.

Needham, who was losing the contest up until that point, manages to get a win on his debut fight. He’s now technically undefeated at 1-0, and has a pretty interesting story to share about the very first time he stepped inside the cage.

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Watch the (nasty) clip below courtesy of FloCombat.