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Mayweather vs. McGregor Toronto press conference highlights: Full purse bet, ‘pay your taxes’

Conor McGregor put on a show at a press conference today in Toronto.

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor-World Tour Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

If you showed up to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press conference in Toronto today, you definitely got the entertainment you were hoping for. The entire thing was straight out of a pro wrestling handbook, featuring zingers, crowd chants, props, and everything else you’d probably expect from the two greatest showmen in combat sports.

After a bit of a slow start in Los Angeles for McGregor in the first of their four press conferences, he definitely stepped it up on day two. And part of that was just circumstance - Mayweather was stuck in traffic and was almost an hour late. They had to kill time, with Brendan Schaub offering some very questionable takes on the stream while Drake and other tried to entertain the restless (and massive) crowd in Canada’s biggest city.

Before the real show kicked off, McGregor even got in a shot at Showtime for their mic issue yesterday, saying “F—k Showtime!” and staring down Stephen Espinoza, who he referred to as a “little weasel”.

When Floyd arrived, wearing gear laced with the Canadian flag (which he later erroneously referred to as “Toronto gear”), McGregor started in on him since he had the floor first. The entire Canadian crowd started chanting “pay your taxes” at Mayweather, which was quite a spectacle.

Mayweather went back to the well he’s used many times in the past, seemingly looking to produce a lucrative check out of the backpack he brought on stage. But Conor cut him off, saying “What are you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even f—king read!”

The about Mayweather’s ability to read, which was originally fueled by 50 Cent a few years ago, brought the house down.

McGregor even dragged pop culture into things, saying that Floyd had 50 strippers on his payroll, while “At least Rob Kardashian only had one!”

This led Mayweather to go with one of the tried and true boxing wagers that fighters like to make - the whole check bet. Like Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. did just a few months ago (and quickly backed away from), he challenged McGregor to put him his whole purse against Floyd’s, with the winner taking all.

“No problem,” said McGregor. “Send the contract in.”

Then it was prop time, as Floyd grabbed an Irish flag and wrapped it around his shoulders. In response, Conor took Mayweather’s backpack and looked inside. Again he brought the house down when he said “That’s it? That’s it? There’s only about five grand in here! F—k me!”

McGregor warned Mayweather that he would “f--k him up” if he did anything to the flag, and Mayweather didn’t. He did play to the booing crowd a little with it though.

It all ended with a two-minute staredown. What a spectacle. Two more stops to go on the press conference two, and the two men will fight on August 26th in Las Vegas.