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Dana White admits Conor McGregor ‘might never fight again’ after Floyd Mayweather bout

While all the talk surrounding Conor McGregor indicates that he’ll fight in the UFC again before the end of the year, Dana White admits that he could retire after such a big payday.

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor-World Tour Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that a boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather came together at all required the cooperation of the UFC, who McGregor has a fight contract with. While UFC president Dana White has remained steadfast in his belief that McGregor will return to the UFC to defend his lightweight title after this bout, he admitted today that Conor could step away from fighting entirely after collecting such a big paycheck from this endeavor.

White said his piece in a media scrum following the press conference spectacle (via MMA Fighting):

“I had a bunch of guys who worked for us in the UFC and made a bunch of money and they’re gone now. You know? You just don’t know, if he’s going to come in and make this kind of money, he might never fight again.”

“That’s part of the deal, you know? This kid has done a lot for the sport, a lot for the company and this is the fight that he wanted, so we’re going to give it to him. And if this is the end of his career, then it is what it is.“

McGregor and Mayweather have three more stops on their press tour, so I’m sure this will come up again. The two men will meet in the ring on August 26th in Las Vegas.