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Fabricio Werdum will appeal Alistair Overeem loss: 'There's been a mistake'

Fabricio Werdum believes he defeated Alistair Overeem at UFC 213 and will try to get the loss overturned.

MMA: UFC 213-Werdum vs Overeem
Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In very close fashion, with one judge even deeming the fight a draw, Alistair Overeem edged out Fabricio Werdum by majority decision at UFC 213, winning the rubber match. However, Werdum told Combate that's not a result he agrees with as he believes he did enough to get the nod, so he will try to appeal the loss.

"I believe I won the first round by a small margin. I threw more strikes, I looked to fight more, I pursued the fight so it would happen. If it were up to Overeem we would just stand there staring at each other. I showed initiative. During the break, Rafael Cordeiro told me we won the first round, but that I should move more. In the second, I pulled guard twice. He landed more shots, so I think he won that one. I clearly won the third. I looked to fight all the time. I took him down, I knocked him down. I came the closest to winning the fight. It's what I saw, it's what everyone saw."

"I'm getting so many messages. I'm going to appeal the loss. I'm not calling it a robbery, I never said that. Mistakes happen, it's normal. Not only when it comes to MMA, but everywhere. How many times have we seen results like this in sports? There's been a mistake. The Nevada Commission gives us the right to do this, so I'm doing it. It's an important result to me, I'll fight for it. The judges didn't watch the same fight. I'm not saying they have it out for me. It happens, we'll just try to fix it."

Fabricio Werdum had a win over Travis Browne in September 2016 before the Overeem loss at UFC 213. In fact, before losing the title to Stipe Miocic, his latest loss was also to Overeem in Strikeforce.

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