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Pacquiao vs. Horn: Live results, discussion, round by round coverage

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Bloody Elbow has your live fight night results and discussion for Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn live on ESPN.

Manny Pacquiao v Jeff Horn Press Conference Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Tonight, one of boxing’s biggest stars competes on a new stage. Manny Pacquiao is back in action, fighting for the first time in 2017 when he takes on Australia’s Jeff Horn in Horn’s hometown. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this fight is where it is being broadcast - Pacquiao has parted ways with his former home of HBO, and after headlining a Top Rank promoted PPV last year against Jessie Vargas (that one did not go well from a business side), he’s now launching a new Top Rank series of fights on ESPN. It’s a big move for Top Rank - tonight will be the first indication of just how it will all play out.

The undercard is not full of huge names, but it does include the third pro fight from former Irish Olympian and Conor McGregor compatriot Michael Conlan. Conlan is a very talented prospect who Top Rank is positioning for big things - get an early look at him here.

Pacquiao vs. Horn airs live on ESPN today Saturday, July 1 with a fight time of 9:00 p.m. ET. For more on the card follow our colleagues at Bad Left Hook.

(ESPN, 9:00 p.m. ET)

Jeff Horn def. Manny Pacquiao, UD (117-111, 115-113, 115-113)
Jerwin Ancajas def. Teiru Kinoshita, TKO (Round 7, 1:53)
Michael Conlan def. Jarrett Owen, TKO (Round 3, 1:56)
David Toussaint def. Shane Mosley Jr., SD (75-77, 77-76, 77-76)


Round 1: Horn comes out as the more aggressive fighter, pushing forward. Pacquiao starts with nice defense, but Horn has some odd, herky-jerky movement that he uses to get inside, back Manny into the ropes, and land some shots. There’s some rough clinch work here, including Horn pushing Manny’s head down while landing body shots. Manny lands some counters as Horn comes in at the end. Good round. 10-9 Horn

Round 2: Horn continuing to push in, often from odd angles and with a tough to predict start/stop motion. He’s not landing anything too significant, but he is landing. Again in the second half, Manny starts connecting the counters as Horn comes in too aggressively, landing a couple clean, hard counter shots. The round ends with Horn trying to chase Pac down - this is a very interesting fight so far. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 3: Pacquiao now successfully stopping Hoen on a consistent basis when Horn comes in. And as the round progresses, for the first time, Horn starts moving backwards, allowing Mann to become the aggressor. Horn is making it a physical fight grabbing Pacquiao, but Pacquiao’s speed advantage is on full display here, as he moves around Horn and lands an increasing number of punches in the closing minute. 10-9 Pacquiao, 29-28 Pacquiao through 3

Round 4: Horn starting to struggle to connect here, not landing the shots he saw earlier in the fight. Manny is doing a very good job slipping punches and blocking what does come in. Horn throws Manny down at one point here. Pacquiao having good success keeping Horn honest with a quick jab. He’s become comfortable here, and while Horn is not doing poorly, he’s going to need to change the direction of this fight. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 5: Pacquiao lands some good shots here, including a stiff left hand. Horn looks like he is in danger of tiring out here, as his hands are getting low at times, and Pacquiao is taking advantage. To end the round, Pacquiao lands a clean, stiff left that snap Horn’s head back. Horn is landing some punches that are moving Pacquiao, but not enough of them. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 6: Horn comes in hard this time, getting Pacquiao into the corner and on the ropes, where he roughs him up a bit, including what looks like raking his glove across the eyes. Manny gets cut from an accidental headbutt - it’s high on the scalp so bleeds a fair amount, but isn’t in his eyes. Pac slows down a bit this round and it allows Horn to land his best punch of the night, a clean right that staggers Pacquiao. He recovers and ends the round fine, but that was a solid shot. 10-9 Horn. 58-56 Pacquiao after 6.

Round 7: Pacquiao landing the clean shots while avoiding the Horn shots once again. Late in the round we get a 2nd clash of heads, this one opening another big bleeding cut on the opposite side of Pacquiao’s head. Horn tries to capitalize by putting on the pressure, but Pacquiao moves well and avoids much of the attack. Still, Horn is staying in this and is not going away. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 8: Pacquiao using excellent movement here, slipping around Horn to land punches from both hands. It’s really amazing that this man is 38 years old, as he remains a fast-paced fighter with great movement and great hand speed. Horn hits the mat after an exchange here, but it’s just a slip. Horn lands a couple punches at the end, but not enough. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 9: Horn again comes in strong, trying to corner Pacquiao, but Pacquiao pushes him back and takes the center of the ring. One minute in, Pacquiao pics up the pace, pouring the punches on. He’s going for the finish, but Horn is trying to stay alive desperately. Pacquiao has Horn stumbling around the ring. His face is an absolute mess with huge swelling on the left. Terrific round for Pacquiao - this is close to over. Ref warns him that he is close to stopping it. 10-9 Pacquiao. 88-83 Pacquiao after 9

Round 10: You have to be impressed by Horn, as he comes out fighting. Pacquiao fighting more conservatively this round, letting his foot off the gas notably. Horn trying to take advantage by pushing forward, but he is struggling to land clean at times. He never gives up, and gets some punches in towards the end. Pac gives this one away, and Horn barely takes it. 10-9 Horn

Round 11: Horn muscling Pacquiao into the ropes and landing some body shots from the clinch. Pacquiao is able to circle out and away, and when they are center ring, his boxing lets him land and avoid Horn. Horn starting to get more rough in the clinch. Pacquiao does a great job stinging with the jab as Horn pushes in without enough caution to end the round. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 12: Horn comes out fighting like a man who needs a KO. hes pushing towards Manny going for it, but he’s clearly tired and can’t find his target. Pacquiao still showing excellent movement, slipping punches. But Horn never stops and is coming on with a flurry of punches as the final bell rings. Great heart from Horn, great fight. 10-9 Horn

Final BE scorecard: 116-112 Pacquiao