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Tito Ortiz ends Twitter beef, apologizes to Chuck Liddell

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In a rare moment, Tito Ortiz opted to take the high road and instead end his recent war of words with Chuck Liddell.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Former UFC light heavyweight champions Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz have been going at it recently. The two retired fighters exchanged Twitter barbs last week, stemming from a recent Instagram photo posted by “The Iceman” of them facing off.

Ortiz went on to decline the indirect callout, but did throw out a slight verbal jab saying he is willing to “lend Liddell some money” and that it “sucks that he needs it.” Not to be outdone, Liddell issued a lengthier response, ripping on his former long-time rival and being “the same piece of sh-t he’s punked on numerous occasions.”

The idea of “legends fights” is not new in this day and age of fighting, and other former and now-aged fighters like Matt Hughes have expressed their intent to revive their respective careers. But just when the possibility of Liddell-Ortiz 3 was brewing, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” decided to instead put an end to their online beef.

Liddell and Ortiz were slated to meet for a third time in 2010, supposedly after their coaching stint on the Ultimate Fighter. Ortiz, however, was forced out of the fight due to injury, and was replaced by Rich Franklin, who ended up knocking Liddell out and subsequently sending him to retirement.