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Mark Hunt: Overeem lied about ‘food poisoning’ at UFC 209 to get away with cheating

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Mark Hunt refuses to believe that Alistair Overeem had a case of food poisoning prior to their fight at UFC 209 last March.

Alistair Overeem came off as a valiant warrior after his win over Mark Hunt at UFC 209 last March. The former Strikeforce heavyweight champion was believed to have been battling food poisoning 24 hours before the fight, which required for him to be administered an IV after a brief hospital stint.

Hunt, however, is not buying this logic one bit. During Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, “The Super Samoan” says he was not aware of Overeem’s condition until after the fight.

“I wasn’t told about that. They’re not going to say anything about that,” Hunt said (via MMA Fighting). “I think it’s just a whole crock of sh-t. It’s all made-up rubbish. It’s rubbish, you know? Have rules for everyone, not changing them for anyone.”

“I would’ve told him to toughen up. F—k. Toughen up, mate. He didn’t look sick when he got to the fight. He looked like he was pretty hydrated there.”

“I don’t believe he was sick at all. He made sh-t up, and they said, ‘oh, here, have an IV. Give you a bit more help,’” Hunt added. “Load of sh-t. I think I might say that next time, ‘I’m sick, I’m sick.’ Rubbish.”

Hunt has been outspoken about his opposition on PED use, and has been hitting at fellow fighters including Overeem, for drug test failures. After finding out about the IV situation at UFC 209, his stance expectedly has not softened.

“Normally, a loss, it’s hard to swallow but you get over it sooner or later,” Hunt said. “But it is what it is. He got away with cheating and that’s it. He got away with it, so good on him. He didn’t get caught, they gave him help. Well f—k, you’re still a cheater to me.”

“A loss is just a loss. You get up again, dust yourself off, go at it again regardless of the circumstances. That’s the way I look at it. I mean, shucks. And I already know, like I just said, that guy is always going to be a cheater. So are all the other guys, they’re going to be cheating monkeys anyway, so that’s how I feel about these guys. They’re lucky they got around the circumstances, and that’s the bottom line. That’s the bottom line, homie.”

Hunt will be headlining UFC Fight Night 110 this weekend against Derrick Lewis in his home country of New Zealand.